Birthday Survivor

Following the popular reality TV show –the survivor the kids are invited to take part in their very own survivor party. This activity is extremely popular amongst the kids! The participants are divided into two tribes who compete with each other and need to complete short, quick and of course exciting assignments.

All the games and activities sequence around the survivor theme.
 This activity is much recommended for kids who will simply enjoy every minute of the game. Participants get special outfits, win prizes and the two tribes are united at the end of the game into a one tribe of cheerful children.

In order to find more details about this unique activity you are welcome to contact us. 

Why choosing Bereshit Forest? 

In Bereshit Forest your child will enjoy a memorable birthday party celebrated in the open outdoors with interactive activities safely conducted by our professional party hosts.

Let your child loosen up and enjoy the pleasures of nature and practice some physical activity away from TV and computer screens.

Together we shall plan a truly magical and memorable birthday for your child including group assignments, contests, exciting activities, shepherds’ tent, birthday party and lots and lots of fun!

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We are always happy to answer any of your questions.
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