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Regarding the children and young people , make them understand the significance of cooperation , mutual assistance , meeting challenges and mission success , these are the things that should be in mind of every teacher and every person engaged in education and values ​​with these ages .

Children, contrary to what is commonly believed , like posed by them challenges and interesting situations , they learn that , understand how to act in different situations and especially enjoy the feeling succeeded and overcame the difficulties , and when it is done within the framework of a fun activity and formulates , then these elements are expressed more broadly . Groups cohesive , united and tolerant are groups that they can meet the objectives , tasks and will have more to gain than the groups will work in solo and separately.

Staff virgin forest offers for elementary school students , middle and upper the programs formulation and challenges , fun days and interest and a chance to learn how to survive, thrive and succeed if only educated unite , hold hands and help each other and how positive and fun sense of success in the group of one to all and all for one .

Primeval forest fun and enjoyment is the name of the game and workshops are suitable for any age, from small to large , young students to teachers and that can take part in activities with the students , to show them that not a miracle bread and create a dialogue with them fascinating that you can not produce any class loader and in any way within the framework of school , but only in the wild outdoors and interest of breaking routine and fascinating.

As part of the alternatives presented in educational settings primeval forest can be found in various workshops with multiple hours or daughters a few days , workshops tailored to the needs of a targeted and limited budget , activities suitable for children of all ages and every level and all leading to the one and only - creating a group identity that leads to the formulation of social , understanding that mutual help bring about success and recognition joining forces and skills on the desire to succeed alone
Staff virgin forest is a professional team with many years of experience in developing programs formulation and teen groups and educational frameworks varied and we will be happy to meet you, tell you , tell you , and especially to show you how surface activity is important to create a sense of unity and identity of our precious children , beloved and inquisitive .

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